This particular piece of sociology almost defies description. I can only urge you, as The Hot Librarian urged me, to go and read the whole thing yourself.

If you are like me, you will then sit, stunned and horrified, staring blankly at your computer screen and trying to figure out what is wrong with the human race.

I'm actually not even sure which part of this story is the worst. Is it the part where a man kidnapped his wife? Or the part where said man then raped his wife? Or is it the part where we discover his "contract" regarding "wifely duties"? Perhaps it is the part where we discover that said wife - kidnapped, raped, and abused - NEVER SIGNED THE DAMN THING?

So exactly how did this thing come about? Reading between the lines, this "contract" (I use the word loosely) is clearly a Dominant / submissive contract. It is thoughtful, carefully written, and specific. It seems to even be trying to accomodate various aspects of this couple's marriage. Their KIDS, for example - who will no doubt be needing therapy very, very soon.

This actually makes the situation more frightening to me. I am all for sexual freedom, and if a couple wants to sit down and hammer out a contract and both sign their names to it, that's fine with me. I don't care what the terms are, as long as both parties understand what it is they are agreeing to (and, of course, realize that such a contract is not legally binding and may be broken or revised at any time).

What bothers me in this case, aside from the fact that this guy is a total asshat rapist and control freak, is the unfortunate light that is now being shed on the concept of contractual dominance. I've comtemplated the idea of it, but ultimately have decided that it's not for me. Still, there are couples who feel that it works for them, or that it's hot, or whatever their reasoning may be.

This jack-ass and his jack-assed contract are like priests who rape little boys. People hear about it and decide that priests are gay and that therefore gays rape little boys. Now people will think that the BDSM community allows for spousal abuse. No. No, it doesn't. What this man did is not kink. It's rape.

I say again: WTF??

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