Five Girls sold to MBNE6!

I am very happy to say that my story Five Girls has been chosen to appear in Maxim Jakubowksi's annual erotica anthology, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Volume 6!

This is particularly exciting, because the piece was a bit odd and I was afraid that maybe it wasn't a good fit. It's also very cool because Maxim was the first editor to pay me for my fiction writing. Actually that's a funny story. I was sitting about, minding my own business, when I get this strange email about this book, which I have never heard of, asking for address confirmation for contributor's copies and payment. I write back, and say, I have no clue what you are talking about, are you thinking of publishing a story of mine? and Maxim says, I'm sorry, there must have been a mix-up in my records, because I have it that you agreed to have the piece reprinted.

At this point Maxim expresses his sincere apologies if I didn't want the piece reprinted, but the book is actually ALREADY IN PRINT, so is that okay?

And I say to myself, hmmm, let me think. A well-known editor found one of my stories online (at CleanSheets, as it happens), has put it in a book, and now wants to send me a check and a free copy of said book. Um, okay! It was completely exciting not to mention that since the book had gone to press several months before, I didn't have to wait six months to see it in print.

This will be my third appearance in this series, and I am just pleased as punch. And in a blatant bit of self promotion, here are the other two, just in case you feel like buying some good porn.


"Nordy" said...

I totally listen to clean sheets. I down load it to my IPOD and secretly listen to it as i sit in class. Which story was yours?

Riain Grey said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment! I don't know of any podcasts or audio stuff from Clean Sheets. Maybe you're thinking of something else? Anyways, the story is called Five Girls, you can read it at Cleansheets.com.


"Nordy" said...

WOW I jsut read it... I want you now.

Riain Grey said...

um, thanks, i guess?

my heart is taken by another, i'm afraid, but i'm glad you liked the piece. the anthology will be just as good!