a friday ficlet

A fifteen minute ficlet
written in fifteen minutes (duh) and based on this word.

Fandom: Buffy/Angel
Title: My Own Man

Tell you this, anyways: I’ll be damned if I’m going to be kept on a leash, the little pet-able puppy. They might not think I have it in me, but I can still bite. Figuratively speaking, anyway.

So after patrolling with the little miss (who’s as self-righteous as ever about the whole thing), I decide it’s time to be a real boy. Head off to the bike for a last minute trip to L.A.

It’s not so much that I hate Angel (though I do, don’t get me wrong). It’s just bloody irritating the way his fixates. Two years and three boys later (including multiple filthy acts with yours truly) and he still thinks she’s coming back to him. And maybe she would, if he wasn’t off being Captain Broodypants, Boy Wonder. Which is why I’m on my way for a visit. Can’t have him sniffing around for the next hundred years of my life.

And maybe this will finally break her out of that corpse she’s dragging around, the icy shell that she lives in now. Maybe she’ll fight for something for a change. She’ll hate me for it, her and her little Scoobie gang. I don’t guess I’ll be seeing the little bit, or hanging around the Summers house anymore.

But that’s part of the point, innit? Be worth it, to feel one hundred and forty-eight dead, wooden years sliding into his chest. To watch it end, the way it’ll end for me one day soon.

I’ll be my own man, for a change.

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