the man they call jayne

tonight's tv date: Day Break, starring Taye Diggs and (DUN!) Adam Baldwin! Hooray! The plot is a timely (get it? GET IT?) mash-up of '24' and 'Groundhog Day,' with Taye Diggs as a cop who keeps reliving the same day.

Early critics are skeptical if anyone will actually watch this show, as it bears the unfortunate burden of replacing Lost, which is on hiatus until January. Some reviews are promising, others...not so much.

Tom Shales of the Washington Post says it's "...TV tinged with surrealism, mysticism and an aura of murky, existential mystery" and notes Adam Baldwin's finest moment:

Baldwin gets the best line of tough-guy, noirish dialogue when he menaces Hopper with "You are itching for a toe tag, aren't you?"

USA Today pounds the timeslot, premise, and the two-hour pilot:

"...Unfortunately, spend two hours tonight with this murky, muddled serial, and you may already feel as if you've been trapped in this day for an eternity." D'oh!

On the other hand, SciFi.com gives the show an A-,not too shabby for a pilot episode, and calls the casting "impressive":

"Taye Diggs...is an ideal fit for Hopper, an imperfect but determined man who'll do what he has to to save those he cares about. The rest of the players are equally well cast, especially Victoria Pratt as Hopper's edgy partner, Adam Baldwin as his ex-partner and main foil and Moon Bloodgood as his grounded and beautiful girlfriend."

So, who knows...but I'll definately be watching. Set your DVRs!

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