saving miss mars

I know have been neglecting this little blog. Below, read my impassioned plea to save Veronica Mars, and then go write your own!

i am a 27 year old woman, right in the middle of your target demo, and I like the CW. I think with some tweaking, the CW could become a great network for TV watchers like me and my friends. Here are my suggestions:

1.) Renew Veronica Mars, and give it a new season next year. A lot of people I know won't watch VM, because they think it's going to be cancelled, and don't want to invest emotionally in it.

2.) Promote VM and Supernatural. Supernatural is a great show - just like Buffy and Angel were. It is also perfect for your demo. My husband and I both love it - I think it has wide crossover appeal. Promote promote promote!

3.) Drop the godawful green "free to be" ad campaign. That green is really offputting, and the ads don't really mean anything. I would try for something darker, more edgy - the tweeners these days are more savvy than that. They are very aware of media and advertising - don't insult their (or our) intelligence.

4.) I don't mind the Aerie girls, but I do think they're offputting to most GG fans, who are older than you think they are. Especially with GG struggling so much creatively. Please consider adding some crossover appeal for older, savvier fans.

5.) Get rid of 7th Heaven. It doesn't fit your demo anymore, and it's had it's run. Move on to younger, hipper shows.

6.) If you're going to do reality, get something else that will go with ANTM. That's a guilty pleasure for me. The other reality shows that work for me: Project Runway (SO GOOD), Dog the Bounty Hunter or whatever it's called, 'Made' on MTV - create something like that that is edgy and different.

7.) Syndicate the shows that appeal to your viewers - Buffy, Angel, Felicity, Dawson's Creek. How about Wonderfalls, Freaks & Geeks, and My So Called Life, too? Show Supernatural and VM marathons, and cross promote your own shows.

8.) If you're gonna do news, do it MTV style - edgy, hip. We like Jon Stewart better than real news.

9.) Work on creating hip advertising. USA and TNT have both done a great job taking syndicated shows and promoting them brilliantly.

I like the CW. Listen to your fans and I guarantee they will watch.

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