my very first ficlet

and my first piece of fan-fiction.

the challenge: you have fifteen minutes to write a complete ficlet, taking place in any fandom, using a given word as a theme.

try it for yourself at 15 minute ficlets.

Fandom: BtVS
Spoilers: through Season Six
Pairing: Willow/Tara, sorta
Title: dunno, i suck at titles

It wasn’t just that she would never see Tara again. Never touch her skin or feel her energy sparkling. That was bad enough. It was that she didn’t understand where Tara was.

She knew where Tara wasn’t. Tara wasn’t in the earth, even if Giles did say that it was all connected. The earth, the air, the magicks, the energy. But Tara wasn’t part of that. Not under her stone by the water, not in the stained carpet in Willow’s room. Not in the sky, or in the window, or in Tara’s favorite sweater. If she had still been part of those places, Willow would have found her.

During the good minutes, Willow saw her, smiling, happy. No fear, no doubt. But then, inevitably, Willow’s jealousy and selfishness put an end to that, because how could Tara be happy if Willow wasn’t there? And then hating herself a little bit more, she would try to reinstate Tara to her heavenly grace, or at least to a universe without shrimp.

So it went, day after day, Willow sending Tara to heaven, and then just as quickly ripping her out again. How was she supposed to know which answer was the right one? The right place?

Maybe it would be better if she could just know, for sure, where Tara was. But she doubted it.

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