to bravely go where no writer has gone before

...while stile splitting the infinitive.

Having finished my Clarion West application in a dazed, sweaty state, I had thought to give myself a little break on the writing front. But, we all know that getting off the horse - especially when the horse is cantering along relatively well - is a terrible, terrible idea.

So today I checked out some speculative fiction magazines, made a list of publications I wanted to try for, girded my loins (whatever that means) and submitted a story to Lone Star Stories. I'll let you know how it goes.

In other news, I'm pleased as punch with my first mini-fan fic, and may try to do more in that direction. I'm also working on a flash piece that needs to be exactly 1,010 words (for a contest, natch) and getting ready to start on a urban retelling of the Snow Queen.

So it's a good week so far.

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